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Top 10 College Hookup Apps: Our List!

Best College Hookup Apps sites

  1. Good for people in search for sexual entertainment SPDate
  2. Good for Finding and dating an attractive boys Onenightfriend

Today many people use dating apps to find their ideal partner. The best college hookup apps are the best option to meet someone special and more with the pandemic.

It is an excellent opportunity to expand your range and search for university students nearby or from anywhere in the world. They are applications for all sexual orientations where you can find people of all ages.

Dating apps are widely used by college students in many countries around the world. They are for quick connections or to find a serious relationship. Many student sites allow you to chat, interact, and meet people close to you.

Do you want to use the college hookup app? This is what you need to know!

Dating apps for students have been booming today. Previously, admitting that you are using these apps was uncommon and even shameful for some reasons. But now it is a well-known way to make new connections, and everyone uses these sites to meet people with the same interests.

Finding people to go out with can be difficult, and you will need a secure and engaging platform to interact and connect. Before signing up for a dating app, you need to know its reputation and ease of use to stay comfortable and safe.

There are thousands of online dating apps, and knowing which one will be a good fit can be confusing. Everything will depend on your tastes, preferences, and the relationship you are looking for.

The best dating apps and college connections can be found below.

The list of the best college hookup apps




  • Tinder has the most active members
  • It is an application that the LGBTQ + community can use
  • It is an easy to use application
  • Allows you to change location


  • You can find fake profiles
  • The app does not have a good verification service
  • It’s easy to swipe, especially with the Super Likes feature

Tinder is one of the best-known and most popular applications for meeting people. It was launched in 2012 and has been downloaded more than 350 million times worldwide.

With so many people using it, you have a better chance of finding a person for casual relationships, friendship, and much more. The age range is between 18 and 25 years old, most of the users are from the United States. You must be over 18 years to register for Tinder; registration is easy and will not take long.

It is an easy-to-use application, and you can use your Facebook account for faster registration.




  • Grindr is one of the largest social media applications
  • You will be able to find local appointments and encounters quickly
  • Use your location to show users near you


  • You can find fake profiles
  • The site is known for exchanging daring images. If you don’t like this type of content, you’d better find another application
  • Live chat feature is for Premium subscription

Grindr is a college hookup app dedicated to the gay community. Here you can share your location with other members. It has more than 3 million active users every day and is available in 196 countries.

It is the largest male application in the world and was launched in 2009. It has a Premium subscription to enjoy all the special functions and have a better experience.

The administration works hard to protect your personal information. If you come across a fake profile, you can contact the technical security team to ban it immediately.




  • On Bumble, women have more interaction
  • BumbleBiZZ and BumbleBFF features
  • Facebook integration makes the registration process easier and faster
  • Profile photo verification and explicit photo protection during chat


  • Bumble has no search option
  • After 24 hours, the matches expire
  • Lack of detailed information in the standard version

Bumble is a college dating and hookup app where most members are women between 18 and 34. Most of the members are from the United States, and women have more privileges over men. It has an attractive and friendly design and interface; you can navigate without a problem.

You can use the BumbleBiZZ and BumbleBFF features for a greater likelihood of connection on or off-campus. It’s an easy app; you need to get familiar with the rules of when messages expire and who can send them.

The registration process is simple; you can use your Facebook account or your phone number. Bumble BFF mode is for matchmaking between friends and is not about romantic relationships. The application allows women to take the initiative. A woman can send a message to a man, and there are 24 hours to get a response.

When the man responds, they can have a conversation when and how they want. Bumble allows you to chat with other members through voice calls and video calls, so your private number can only be revealed when you share it.

Photo verification checks whether your selfie corresponds to the requirements of the site.




  • Zoosk has a large number of active members every day
  • Offers many fun and interesting features
  • Uses Behavioral Matchmaking technology so you can find your ideal match
  • App available for iPhone and Android members


  • It does not have the Dating Insights feature that the desktop version has
  • You must have a paid subscription to use some of the available features
  • Zoosk has annoying ads during the free trial

Zoosk is one of the most popular international free college hookup apps. Most of the users come from the United States, and all of its users are very active. It has an attractive design and interface and is easy to use even by non-tech-savvy people.

Registration is simple; you need an email or a Facebook account. It has a well-balanced ratio between men and women; the users’ ages range from 25 to 34. But there is a very large 18-24 age group that makes it an ideal platform for young college students.

It offers you various communication features such as messaging, chat, gift sending, and much more.




  • HER is a dating site geared towards women
  • Has an easy interface
  • It is a good application for the LGBTQ community
  • You have no restrictions to send messages to all members


  • Paid membership subscription can be a bit expensive
  • Many features are only available to Premium users
  • The site saves credit card information for automatic renewal
  • The multi-category user filter feature is for paid membership only

HER is a college hookup and dating site where all profiles have photos. Messaging is an unlimited and free function for greater connection between users. Matches are based on age or location preference.

It is an application launched in 2013 under the name Dattch and was renamed HER in 2015. It is an app for lesbian, bisexual, and queer dating. It has a Premium Gold and a Premium Platinum feature to better connect and entertain its members.

In HER, you can only register with Instagram and Facebook. The site will import your name from social networks, and it will appear on the site as your username. You can register in less than 5 minutes, and you do not need an email address to register.

You can upload photos and upload text items; profile details can include height, age, gender identity, sexuality, friend lists, marital status, etc. You will be able to set your gender as non-binary, female, FTM, intersex, gender fluid, etc.




  • Friendsy is a completely free application
  • It has an extensive list of specific filters
  • Allows you to meet other college students on campus


  • It only allows meeting university students

Friendsy is one of the most prominent free college hookup apps on the market. To register, you will need an email. This application facilitates the connection between students on campus.

All young university students know how to use social networks, but with Friendsy, everything will be more interesting.

It has specific filtering options and is based on swipe. If you slide your finger to the right on a user, you can choose if you want a date, a friend, or something else. If you both choose the same, you can pair. It is considered one of the most important dating platforms for students, where the ratio between men and women is almost equal.

It is used by more than 70 campuses in the United States and allows you to find a connection, a relationship, or a friendship. If you want your life on campus to be more fun, you should use the Friendsy app.

This application ensures that the information of all its users is safe and protected. It offers you an online chat function to chat with any user who is using the platform.




  • Hater is a completely free application
  • Has a completely different approach than the other dating sites; they connect through things both members hate
  • It is available for iOS and Android
  • Its interface is intuitive


  • The application may lag a bit
  • There are more male users than female users
  • Many profiles are not detailed, and the information is insufficient

Hater is a college dating app that is on the market since 2017, and by its concept, most users are between the ages of 18 and 34. It is a platform that has changed online dating, and people have a more modern alternative to communicate with people close to their demands.

This application made it possible to search for a partner according to common likes and dislikes. This has revolutionized the world of online dating and attracted lots of members who want to try the app.

Hater is based in the United States, so many of its members are American, although fewer users are from other countries. It is an incredible idea for young people looking for a modern place to meet new people.

It is a more popular university connection application because it is fun and has different functions from other applications on the market. To start using this application, you must download it to your mobile phone; it is available in the Apple Store or Google Play.

Registration in the application is free and very simple; it will not take you long. You can use your phone number or your Facebook account to register. When you have completed your registration and connected, you must upload a maximum of 5 photos; you can start using all the platform’s tools.

You will be able to browse the profiles of your matches based on what you hate or like. Hater allows you to send icebreakers to start communicating with an ideal person. The application has a simple and intuitive design; it is easy to use.




  • Hinge offers you high-quality profiles
  • Its price is low compared to the other university applications
  • Contact functions are free
  • The application has a modern design and is easy to use


  • Hinge does not have a web version
  • The registration process can be time consuming and lengthy
  • Some users complain that they do not receive many likes because the members are inactive
  • You can find profiles of fake women with photos of models

Hinge is a high-quality college hookup app. It is ideal for connecting college singles looking for long-lasting and serious relationships. It does not have a desktop version, you can only use this application through your mobile phone, and the profiles are substantially filled out.

Matchmaking on this platform is roulette-styled and offers free 1-month membership to all active users. Subscription prices start from $ 4.99 per month.

With this application, you can have a complete biography with photos and stories included. It has 5 million users spread around the world, and almost half come from the United States. The age range is between 24 and 34 years old; most young professionals are already looking for a serious relationship.

A second big group is between 18 and 24 years old. University users in this age group are looking for any kind of relationship and fun. Almost 55% of this group are men, while 45% are women.

Hinge is a platform that is promoted as an application designed to be removed, dedicated to people who want to meet their ideal partner. Although you may find people older than college students, it is a good option for young people who already want to meet their love of life after finishing college.

The registration process is longer compared to the other online dating platform for college students in this application. This is because the platform is created for people who are looking for serious relationships.

The member profiles are fully filled out, and there is a short section called “About me” as well. Profile pictures are visible to all users for free.




  • OKCupid has high user activity
  • It is a friendly application with the LGBTQ + community
  • Most users are from the United States
  • Many search options


  • OkCupid requires to pass a long registration process
  • Full of ads
  • There are incomplete profiles

OkCupid is a simple college sex application with a large and very active database. College students can use some of the basic features for free.

The application can be downloaded from the Apple Store and Google Play. More than 50 million members worldwide, most of them from the United States. It has a high member activity compared to the other dating platforms. The age range of the members is between 25 and 34 years old.

The majority of the members are men, with 65%, while 35% are women. Although it is not a college app, it is used by a large number of college students who want to have fun.

It is affordable and friendly to the LGBTQ + community and makes it a good opportunity for all members. You will be able to share a relationship with a person who shares your interests and beliefs without wasting time.

OkCupid is an easy-to-use application; its design is intuitive and simple, where you will not find things that could distract you. Members can get featured matches and great search tools. You can filter your search to show only online members.

The application has a good design, and you will find the same functions as on the website.




  • Happn allows you to set up your profile quickly and quietly
  • It is available for iOS and Android
  • Has a “crossed your path” feature for a boost of casual encounters
  • You can secretly like a profile
  • It is an exciting and interesting conversation if both users have been able to cross each other earlier in the day


  • There may be sensory overload due to the number of users
  • Matching is based only on the location and suggests users from your neighborhood

Happn is an ideal online dating app for college students. It is an ideal platform for people who live in the city, where you will have more possibility to cross with many people during the day. If you live in rural places, where not many people live, you will need to look for another online dating app.

The site has a unique idea about online dating; you will know which users you have recently crossed paths with. It is ideal for people looking for a platform to match people who live relatively close to their location.

Many people do not want to travel to other cities to meet people and have a date, and even fewer students must be aware of their classes. The application is based on preferences and real-life encounters. It is compatible with iOS and Android and can also be used via PC. You can use its standard version, but if you want to experience all the magic of this platform, you will have to subscribe to the paid membership.

Happn is a platform that uses GPS in order to track your location and be able to offer you better match suggestions. You can receive messages from users that are interested in you. If you want, you can hide your location for a while.

It has a Premium feature where you can see the list of people you liked, receive up to 10 FlashNotes to send during the day, rewind when you accidentally skip a profile.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is using college hookup apps safe?

Yes, if you use a popular and reputable college student hookup app, you will be safe and fine. The top 10 online dating apps mentioned above are safe and real. But as in all applications and social networks, you should always be careful with the information you share with members.

Which college hookup apps are free?

All applications have free registration, and you can use certain functions with the free version. But if you are looking for a completely free application, you can try Hater.

How to choose college hookup apps?

You should look for the most popular applications with good feedback from users. All of the apps on this list are a good way to discover the world of online college connections.

Are typical dating apps different from college hookup apps?

Usually no, the apps mentioned above work like typical dating apps allowing you to connect with new people.

How to find a college hookup near me?

The best college hookup apps allow you to find people who are close to your location. Happn is an excellent choice because it targets real-life encounters.

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