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CasualDates Review

CasualDates Review
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Active Audience 80%
Quality Matches 92%
Popular Age 20-45
Profiles 1 650 350
Reply Rate 80%
Ease of Use 7.4
Popularity 9.3
Fraud Very Rarely
Registration Free
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Pros and Cons

  • The registration process is simple and free
  • You can instantly contact someone using the private chat option
  • The site allows you to upload an unlimited number of images to your profile
  • There is an email verification process
  • There are sophisticated search filters
  • There is a video chat option
  • Effective safety measures are available.
  • Most of the fantastic features are available for premium members only
  • There is no mobile application available
  • The premium subscriptions appear to be rather expensive
  • There are a few fake profiles despite the email verification process.

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Whether you just landed in a new city or the nearby town and you’re looking to enjoy some company, CasualDates is the site to go for. Some people prefer a no-strings-attached kind of a relationship where they can spend time with someone without having any expectations. Casual hookups are often the best choice for people, and you can quickly get one on online dating platforms.

The kind of high that lasts for a little while and the moments that you won’t get anywhere else are somewhat unique and rare to find. Casual dates give you sparkle, the heat of the moment, the excitement, and the anticipation that anything might happen. Such relationships often last for a few days or weeks, but they deliver more than the specific dates.

It’s now easier for you to get as many like-minded individuals looking for the exact needs with the online dating platforms. You can instantly connect with them and, in no time, plan for a physical date where you can meet up and further your friendship. If things go well, then you’ll have to thank the site for the right opportunity.

What is CasualDates

What is CasualDates

Casual dates often pop up in many conversations when people are looking for partners. However, not everyone has a clear definition of these kinds of relationships and what they offer. CasualDates is an online dating platform that offers members a different view of what a relationship should be about.

It has users who are after sexual relationships as well as those looking to enjoy some good time with their matches. Also known as adult dating or no strings attached, casual dating is for open-minded individuals who are free enough to express their desires and say it out to people looking for the same connection.

Many users are looking for “friends with benefits” to have an intimate relationship with no commitments whatsoever. It is pretty accurate if you consider that CasualDates will give you a perfect combination of the heat moments, the sauce, and the sex that often miss in many relationships. But, how does the site work?

Is It Any Good?

Many people perceive that many casual dating sites are associated with scams or have aspects that are not convenient for users. However, that’s not the case for CasualDates. The site is an excellent platform offering the best features you’d find, some so unique and fascinating. The platform provides a good array of users, which hikes the opportunity for you to land a match.

Furthermore, the selling factor lies in usability and navigation. It is so simple to go from page to page on the site as there are clear instructions, and the design is user-friendly. You can also utilize all the features present, whether for security purposes or communication with fellow members. All in all, CasualDates works perfectly as it is secured, fast, and simple to use.

Signing Up on CasualDates

Signing Up on CasualDates

The registration process is straightforward, and it won’t last you more than 5 minutes to clear up. You’re only required to provide a few details, and that’s it – you find your way on the site. Some of the information required includes keying in your gender and the gender of the person you are interested in.

You’ll further have to provide an age range that you prefer to interact with. This ensures that you meet people mature enough for your age and someone who you can relate with in terms of hobbies and habits. The signup procedure will be concluded by stating your country and zip code. You will also have to set the distance coverage that your matches should be around.

Some other information you will be required to key in includes your display name, email address, password, and birthday. These details will be used in your profile and will also help you log in to your account. You have to agree to the terms and conditions of the site to finalize your registration procedure.

Usability and Design

Usability and Design

CasualDates has a modern design. It is characterized by proper synchrony between the background and content colors and a perfect font that makes all the information visible. It also has simple language such that any user, regardless of age and computer literacy, can easily follow up on every proceeding.

In addition, the site has multiple instructions that should help you if you are stuck somewhere. There is a simple procedure to follow when meeting matches, communicating or making any other move on the website. A tremendous amount of work was put together to ensure that the site looked as good and functioned perfectly.

What Kind of People Use CasualDates?

What Kind of People Use CasualDates?

Different personalities are on CasualDates. Most members are users who are looking to enjoy casual sex with other characters. These are people who want friends with benefits without any strings attached. Other than that, a group looks for people to accompany them for events or dates that are hobby-oriented.

On the other hand, some couples come to the website to look for a third party to spice up their marriage. It is often after some intimate issues, whether male or female, to go in and change the dynamics or introduce something lacking in their intimate life.

The Mobile Application

A mobile application is usually meant for users who prefer using their phones for the dating experience. They offer mobility and convenience as they will allow you to access your account wherever you will be as long as you have a stable internet connection.

However, CasualDates doesn’t have a mobile application yet. The platform is only accessible through the website version, and it is yet to introduce a mobile application to its users. This will be an excellent move to increase the number of users as well as their convenience.

Safety & Security

Safety & Security

The safety and security of members on the site are a prime priority to the site’s management. In this regard, it introduced several measures to ensure that the members are not exposed to any scammers or fraud that will affect the reputation of the website and the privacy of the users.

Some of the measures taken include encryption of the activity on the site. All the communication, cache, searching, and matching of members and data on the site are stored in the site’s database. This is to prevent any leakage of information to any third party.

There is also a firewall present on the website to keep away any hackers from accessing users’ information. It deprives them of the opportunity to access the knowledge of the users. There are measures such as zero access for non-members, ensuring only members can access the site’s features.

The site further has an email verification that prevents bots and people who have hidden agendas on the site. Furthermore, the site also advocates for the members to exercise some level of safety regarding communication. That involves not sharing their private information and also avoid meeting up with people in undisclosed locations.


For the members looking to enjoy some extra privileges and features, premium membership is available to them. It is split into three packages, although they all offer the same kind of upgrade. Still, they differ in the timeline. The packages include;

  • A monthly subscription that costs $30
  • There is a three-month subscription that costs $25 per month
  • There is a six months subscription for $20 per month.

These subscriptions are payable through credit card, and you can opt for either an auto-renewal or cancel the subscription when it expires. Furthermore, there are trial periods available on the site that helps you determine if purchasing a subscription is worth it. These trial periods cost;

  • $3 for three days
  • $40 for a month.

Help & Support

It’s pretty simple to navigate through the site as the instructions are clear. However, if you happen to be stuck somewhere in between, the site offers enough assistance to you. There’s a support team standing by to ensure that all your queries are addressed. You can freely consult on all matters as they operate 24/7.

You can reach out to the support team through online chat for a quicker response. In addition, you can contact them using the mobile numbers provided on the website to ensure you get a direct link to the support team. Matters are usually quickly addressed, which is beneficial to users.


Safety on CasualDates – How is it Like?

CasualDates is a safe and secured website to begin your dating with. The site has multiple measures in place to protect the privacy of the members on the platform. There is a verification procedure and an encryption process that ensures the confidentiality of members is respected. Other than that, users exercise caution from their end, making it an overall safe atmosphere.

Can CasualDates be Categorized as a Real Dating Site?

CasualDates is among the leading online dating sites that offer members the alternative to experience dating differently. The site has open-minded individuals who are looking to enjoy sexual encounters with similar personalities. It is a zone for sexuality as it welcomes the LGBTQ community to explore their sexual fantasies without any discrimination.

How Do You Use CasualDates?

There is a simple procedure to follow to use CasualDates as effectively as possible. It all starts with signing up for membership. You’ll have to access the site from the website as it doesn’t have a mobile application upon which you will go through the registration process, which is simple and straightforward.

You’ll then have to set up your profile, including the details you’d want to share and a message you’d like to give to your potential matches. After all, is done, you will move on to begin your search for a match. There are sophisticated search filters that will make it easy for you to land your ideal matches then you can choose who to contact from the multiple alternatives presented.

You can then purchase a subscription which will give you the rights to communicate with the match you want to. Multiple communication features are available which will keep your conversations going. When the right time comes, you can set up an offline date and further your connection with the person.

If one is not enough for you, you can either redo the whole procedure to add to the one they got or explore the different alternatives.

Any Costs Associated with using CasualDates?

CasualDates is absolutely free. However, this is only limited to several issues. The registration process and setting up your profile is not chargeable by the management. The free services, however, only go as far as searching for a match. Beyond that, you will be subject to a subscription.

Communication with matches is bound with subscription charges, and you have to opt for either the one-month, two, or six-month subscriptions available. This is a fair deal considering you get to join the site at zero costs.

Is CasualDates Really Useful for Dating?

CasualDates is a platform that has presented unique opportunities to multiple individuals. The site is excellent and receives quite a great amount of positive feedback from the users. It does the job it’s expected to do as it has connected multiple singles out there to find the kind of connection they are looking for.


Online dating is now the norm and it caters to all sorts of people with various preferences or expectations. You might be looking for a one night stand, a casual relationship, an affair, you name it! All your fantasies and desires are available for you if you know where to look.

CasualDates is a dependable online dating site. It has multiple members enough to land any member a match. The site is full of open-minded individuals, and it displays good features that enable members to make the best out of the opportunities presented to them. It is effective and serves as the best dating site for casual hookups. Sign up and get yours today!

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